Are You Sick and Tired Of Your Smartphone or Tablet?

Well really that title says it all doesn’t it, are you sick and tired of your smartphone or tablet? The mobile space is awash with smartphones and tablets that have a tendency to annoy the user, so have you really had enough of your device?

Some time ago, well way back in March this year a survey showed that most smartphone users were disappointed with their device performance due to software issues with 59 percent of user’s surveys saying they were disappointed according to Telecoms Europe, so has that opinion changed?

Even the latest devices have seen their fair share of issues such as the Nokia N8 and its power problem which Nokia has now acknowledged and the issue will be fixed according to an article over on Telecom Talk.

The iPhone 4 has also seen its share of issues in the past the most publicised one being the iPhone 4 antenna and the Death Grip issue, then there’s the rear camera stops working, glass scratching and breaking which became known as Glassgate, reverse volume button issues, all of which can be read by hitting up Digital Trends.

The Samsung Galaxy S is another that has seen issues such as two GPS problems as reported by Engadget. There is also an issue with updating the Samsung Galaxy S via Samsung Kies which we reported on (here) amongst other annoying issues that some of our readers have highlighted (here).

How about BlackBerry? Well let’s take the BlackBerry Torch for example, it too has seen numerous issues such as missing icons, disappearing favourites, late Facebook notifications and many more as evidence by a 6 page thread over on Crackberry forums.

So what about the tablets? Okay let’s start with the Apple iPad, and a quick nip over to the Apple support forums will quickly let you know just how many issues the Apple iPad has had such as not being recognised by Windows due to drivers not installing, syncing issues, charging issues, keyboard failing to appear and many more.

How about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it too has had a few problems like touch screen issues and browser issues as reported by Gordon Kelly.

That just hitting on a few devices but the thing is every device there has ever been and ever will be, be it a smartphone or a tablet will see problems from time to time, but with so many problems being reported on these technological wonders it’s a wonder users don’t pull their hair out.

So what we are asking our readership today is the main title of this post…Are You Sick and Tired of Your Smartphone or Tablet?

Feel free to let us know which device you use and also voice your wrath or praise of your chosen mobile device in our comments area below…many thanks.

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One thought on “Are You Sick and Tired Of Your Smartphone or Tablet?”

  1. robertgtab says:

    What would life be without problems , no fun! So quite moaning and get on with it with a positive frame of mind!
    Samsung has delivered a real usefull product , the galaxy tab!
    Every NEW PRODUCT has issues. Every NEW user has issues as well. So what else is new.

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