iPhone 4 OtterBox Defender Case Throw Test Video

Now if you are of a mind to purchase a protective case for your Apple iPhone 4 you obviously want to know that it will do what it’s supposed to do, protect your beloved iPhone 4 from damage if you happen to drop it. So if you are considering the OtterBox Defender case for your iPhone 4 we have a throw test video for our viewing pleasure.

The OtterBox Defender Case series for the iPhone 4 throw test video comes our way courtesy of Ian Hardy over at Mobile Syrup and delivers three and a half minutes of throw test action to see how well the iPhone 4 OtterBox Defender case stands up.

In the video Ian must have great trust in the OtterBox Defender case as he throws his iPhone 4 three times into the air which he judges about 15 feet up to make sure the test was way above the normal run-of-the-mill drop.

So just how well did the OtterBox Defender case for the iPhone 4 fair? Well to find that out you are just going to have to hit that play button and check out the video…enjoy.

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