Custom Airplay in Every App with Cydia Hack: AirVideoEnabler Demo

Everyone loves a hack here and there and today is about the new Cydia Hack that enables AirPlay feature in all apps, this all started with the discovery of enabling AirPlay Video streaming in third-party apps found by Erica Sadun.

Zone-MR is the developer that created a cool hack that will enable the mentioned feature in all apps and this does include Apple Safari browser, not bad if you wish to watch content to an HDTV.

This is massive news and can see many getting a little excited about this, apparently the Cydia hack amounts to changing one line of code, could Apple enable this feature in future iOS versions? This is a question well worth thinking about.

This hack can be downloaded right now from this Cydia repository – http://cydia.zone-mr.net, just want to say thanks to 9to5Mac for the heads up, please do watch the YouTube video below and let us know what you think.

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