Nokia E7 Multitasking and F-Secure Demo Video

We have a little Nokia E7 hands-on demo video for your viewing pleasure today which demonstrates the smartphones multitasking and F-Secure features, which apparently as well as being an anti-virus for the device it can also remotely wipe content if your Nokia E7 has been pinched or lost.

The Nokia E7 multitasking and F-Secure demo comes our way courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog and by way of YouTube user uptodateksa2, and delivers a two minute look at these Nokia E7 features.

Apparently the user can program the Nokia E7 with a back up number that can be forwarded via text message if the device is stolen or lost and if the SIM has been replaced and the user replies with the code and the device will be wiped.

Unfortunately it doesn’t let you know where your Nokia E7 is if its been lifted by some unscrupulous thief so you can go get it and give them a slap or inform the cops. Anyway check out multitasking and F-Secure on the Nokia E7 smartphone below…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Nokia E7 Multitasking and F-Secure Demo Video”

  1. not_a_fan says:

    Basic info on the F-Secure program – not including price, but the video doesn't really demonstrate anything – you already had multiple apps running and just brought up the screen that shows what is running. Try actually demonstrating something in your "hands-on" video. Also, the information you provide on the security program is unclear. Try writing out what you want to say and then reading it a few times so the final video is clear and concise for your audience.

  2. lets_have_the_facts says:

    Nokia site gives the impression that Fsecure is included with the phone at no charge.
    Reviewer – did you realise that earlier Nokia phones, whilst they may not include Fsecure, do have a feature that enables remote locking via SMS? Not quite the same, but at least a start. They also automatically lock on change of SIM card. And all that is for free in the phone.
    Re multi tasking @not_a_fan – good point – to really prove multi tasking you need to have a progam running that does something that will illustrate that it has done work whilst in the background! I've yet to see a demo of that on any current phone – but some 10 years ago my Psion 3 would do that easily in a fraction of the memory! You could set it to format for print your entire address book, go off and do something else and go back to find how far it had progressed through that task. ho hum – how things improve (not) in a decade with much more powerful hardware. Oh, and most current phones can't print anyhow!

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