Grooveshark Bumps up Price on Music Streaming

Music streaming, it is stealing music or not? Well if you purchase your music its not but if you download it for free then it probably is, but Groveshark blurs the fine lines between that by having customers pay for streaming music, but Grooveshark doesn’t pay royalties for said music.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein, Grooveshark as of today is putting up their price by a fair bit in as much it used to cost $3 per month but will now cost the user $9 per month which seems a bit of a stiff hike to me.

This is apparently when Grooveshark ends their introductory VIP promo and will change to Grooveshark Anywhere so maybe this is why the huge price hike, but apparently everything else stays the same such as streaming to mobile apps, desktop and no adverts.

There is also a new option which is called Grooveshark Plus that delivers all the benefits of Anywhere but without mobile streaming. Grooveshark Mobile is currently available to Android, Nokia Palm devices and BlackBerry handsets.

So what do our readers think is streaming music still legal if you pay a site for the music by that site doesn’t pay royalties to the artist, or is it still classified are ripping the artists off?


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