Android Google Reader App Problems: Have You Got Any?

Android users can now download a use the official Google Reader app from the Android Market as Google has now release Google Reader for Android devices which run Donut or above.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, by Andrew Munchbach, and by way of the official Google Blog, the new Google Reader app supports multiple accounts, searching your feeds, full subscription preferences, and synchronised preferences.

All the details on the new Google Reader app are reported by Mark, (here) so all you Android smartphone users out there you can grab your copy of Google Reader by visiting the Android Market from your preferred Android device.

However, what we would like to know is if any of our Android toting readers that download the app experience any problems with the new Google Reader app, and if you do please feel free to let us know by posting your app problems to our comments area below.


3 thoughts on “Android Google Reader App Problems: Have You Got Any?”

  1. Laughing John says:

    I've been waiting ages for this app, I use Google Reader a lot! I've uninstalled NewsRob and installed this just to give it a decent test run, but I'm pretty sure I'll be back to NewsRob in a week or two.

    The problems:

    1. Font size – I have an HTC Hero and the font is too massive, I can't see much of the lists on the screen. I can't find an option to change the font size.
    2. Offline support. NewRob has really good offline support with background sync. This means I can read the latest news on the train where the mobile signal is pretty bad.
    3. Too slow. Probably because there's limited local caching the app is very slow to load anything.

    In fact while typing this I've decided to uninstall it and reinstall NewsRob. If they put in decent offline support and a few options to tweak the UI then I'll give it another go…

  2. tholo says:

    Yes, having problems with “Mark all as read”. Appears to work, but on refresh the stories come back as unread. Also, seems to tweak my online version by only showing the subscriptions with unread stories.

    Have an EVO with 2.2.

    Great app, though. Will love it once it’s de-bugged.

  3. PDXMama says:

    I can download it to my incredible, and set up my account, but then I can't get to it anywhere on my phone. It's not listed in my apps no matter how I sort them. If I go to the market and try to download it again it tells me that it's already installed. I can choose to uninstall & reinstall it (I've tried that, too).

    A few months ago I tried Google Listen, and I couldn't make it function either (wouldn't pull subcriptions from my Google Reader).

    So far the worst apps I've put on my Google-based Android are all Google apps.

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