Sony Ericsson PlayStation Z1 Up Close Video Footage

A couple of days ago we posted a video of what was presumed to be the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Z1 phone , although the video was so shaky and burred it was difficult to actually make out if it was indeed the handset, but now we have better videos for your viewing pleasure.

We have two videos below which show the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone which apparently is codenamed Zeus Z1 that come our way courtesy of Paul Miller over at Engadget and by way of YouTube user xxmajstor, and deliver a nice clean up close look at the device.

In this footage you will see the handset clearly shows the model number as Zeus, runs Android Gingerbread and even see the PlayStation icon. Also for you gamers out there you’ll get to see just how thick the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Z1 will be in the hand, along with a look at that gaming pad of course.

That’s about it, other than these are silent videos so don’t think your audio isn’t working, so head on down, hit those play buttons and check out this up close look at the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Z1 phone…enjoy.

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