Apple iPad Priced by 3 UK

A little while ago 3 UK announced that the Apple iPad was coming soon to their network, a little late but better late than never, right? Well if you are of a mind to pick up the Apple iPad on the 3 UK network you’ll need to know what price 3 UK is asking.

Well we now have those Apple iPad prices for you today courtesy of George Lim over at TiPb and by way of Three UK, and basically the prices are in line with Orange UK for subsidised models.

So here they are…the 16GB iPad will cost £199, 32GB iPad costs £249 and the 64GB iPad will hit your wallet for £349, and the monthly plan for the 3 UK Apple iPad is £25 per month based on a 2 year agreement for which you get 15GB of data per month.

If you don’t wish to sign your life away for the 2 year period you can of course purchase the Apple iPad free of contract which costs £529 for the 16GB, £599 for the 32GB and a rather steep £699 for the 64GB version.

For a one month contract it costs £7.50 a month for 1GB or £15 a month for 10GB, or on pay as you go the cost is £10 for 30 days for 1GB or £20 for 3 months for 3GB. So there it is, anyone thinking of grabbing the iPad from 3 UK?

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