iOS 4.3 UK Release Coming & Guardian App Price

Apple released its new iOS 4.2 (4.2.1) a few weeks ago and it seems that iOS 4.3 is imminent for UK release soon; we will also chat a little bit about the new Guardian app.

The Guardian will no longer use its current iOS application and will give you a new subscription-based app; this app will be £2.99 for six months and £3.99 for 12 months according to Apple Insider.

This subscription-based app is not on the App Store at the moment, which means this feature will come to the next operating system installment known as iOS 4.3.

The Guardian is saying that changes could possibly happen around the world before Christmas and that means UK release is imminent, the new update could indeed include recurring app subscriptions through an iTunes account.

As soon as we hear more on the above we will let you know, are you looking forward to the new iOS 4.3 update? If you have anything to say about iOS 4.2 please do so as well below. Thanks

Source — TechRadar

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