Verizon iPhone Release: CDMA Market Launch Scribblings

There are several things going on in the Apple camp that not only the iPhone faithful patiently wait for news on but most of the tech world as well, and those items are the white iPhone 4, the Apple iPad 2, the iPhone 5 and of course the long awaited Verizon iPhone.

Any word on these Apple items is big news in the tech world, but nothing will happen with those devices this year, we all have to wait until next year for anything substantial to materialise, but that doesn’t stop the analysts from speculating especially only a CDMA iPhone as reported by the WSJ.

The WSJ has posted a few recent scribblings on the matter of the CDMA iPhone for Verizon Wireless and we have them for you below…

On the 2nd of December, Citigroup, Russ Gardner scribbled…Taiwan sources point to 20 million iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 builds during 4CQ10, which is ahead of the estimate of 16 million and doesn’t include 600 to 700K CDMA iPhones in build plans for December and confirms a launch date of early CY11.

Again on the 2nd of December, Canaccord Genuity, T.Michael Walkley scribbled their belief that a CDMA version of the iPhone will launch in Q1/C2011 with February being the likely launch month while antisiapting strong Verizon iPhone sales in H1/C2011 that could slow the momentum of Android.

And on the 3rd of December, Pacific Crest, Andy Hargreaves scribbled, component orders along with anecdotal evidence advocate a launch of a Verizon CDMA iPhone in Apple’s fiscal Q2 and their estimate iPhone unit increase is based of the hypothesis that Verizon will sell roughly 3 million CDMA iPhone units in fiscal Q2 which is offset by AT&T selling rightly 600,000 fewer iPhone units.

So there you have it, it seems the analysts are quite confidant that a Verizon iPhone will launch sometime early 2011, so are you waiting to pick up the CDMA iPhone on the Big Red once it is released?

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