White iPhone 4 Possible Spring Release but will it Happen?

Is it dead or is it still alive, that’s the big question when it comes to the white version of the iPhone 4, a device that Apple has continually failed to deliver at the Apple specified release dates, but apparently the white iPhone 4 may still be heading for a spring 2011 release.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins and by way of 9to5 Mac, it appears that Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 isn’t cancelled and is still apparently on track for a release in the spring of 2011 according to Apple marketing signage.

The confirmation in the marketing signage comes in the form of a single sentence in the small print which states, “The white iPhone 4 will be available in spring 2011.”

However, even though this seems to be confirmation that Apple is looking to release the pale version of the iconic iPhone 4 in spring, the question is will it actually happen, as in the past Apple has said the device will release but thus far it still isn’t in the public’s hands.

So what do our readers reckon, will Apple release the white iPhone 4 in the spring or will Apple once again let down the iPhone faithful, or is there anyone left still hanging out to grab the white iPhone 4?

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