Angry Birds Favourite Hunt Launched by O2 UK

As most smartphone gamers know one of the most popular multi-platform mobile games of the year has to be Rovio’s Angry Birds, the game is currently available for the iOS platform, Android platform and Symbian platform and has been downloaded millions of times by users.

But which Angry Bird is the most favoured by the gaming public? Well to find out O2 UK has launched a worldwide vote to find out which is the best loved Angry Bird, not the game itself mind you but the coloured birds, you need to pick which colour bird is your favourite.

Apparently lovers of Angry Birds can vote via Facebook, Twitter, text and the O2 Blog and vote on the options of bird colour so the choices are, red, blue, yellow, black, white and green, are there green birds? I though green was the pigs.

So here’s how to cast your vote for your favourite Angry Bird, via Twitter you’ll need o tweet their choice along with #angrybirdso2. For Facebook fans go to the O2 Facebook page and click on the image of their favourite Angry Bird.

You can also vote on the O2 Blog and post a comment with their favourite Angry Bird choice, and to text vote you can send a text to 60600 with ANGRY and followed by either RED, BLUE, YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE, GREEN or PIG, and costs the standard network rate but only available in the UK.

Furhermore if you want to show your support for the worldwide Angry Birds favourite vote you can do so by downloading Twibbons from the O2 UK blog.

So are you fan enough to let everyone know you have a love for a favourite Angry Bird? Or do you come down on the side of those egg stealing green pigs? Whichever, you only have until the 11th of this month to cast your vote in time for Angry Birds Day, so get voting and of course you can always post your favourite to our comments section below.

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