Apple iPad Gets Full Desktop Google Docs Version

Last month Google launched a new mobile version of Google Docs for smartphones which enabled mobile phone users to edit docs while on the move, you can check out that article by hitting up (here), but what about a tablet specific version?

Well according to Mark Gurman of 9to5 Mac, the Google guys have announced via their official blog that a full desktop version of Google Docs is now available for the Apple iPad which delivers advanced doc editing including alignment font changing.

With the full desktop version for the Apple iPad users will be able to create spreadsheets and editing them as well, and apparently the reason Google has made this available is because mobile and tablet browsers are not as powerful as desktop counterparts and thus iPad users can visit the desktop version for making more style edits.

However if you only want to make basic edits to your documents then Google recommend using their mobile Docs version. So there you have it, a little extra from Google Docs for the popular Apple iPad, so if you happen to use the iPad desktop docs version feel free to send us you views on how well it works or if you find any problems by posting to our comments area below.

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