Free iPhone 3GS on AT&T with Best Buy: In Store Only

This is great news if you are looking at getting the Apple iPhone 3GS with 8GB memory on AT&T network because Best Buy is offering it to you for free, this is an in-store offer TODAY only.

Today is Friday, December 10 and normally Best Buy cost for this smartphone is $99 USD, well not today it is not and you can see this news via bby.com

Ok the iPhone 3GS does not have the specs that the iPhone 4 has but nether the less it is still an awesome handset that many still love, it is definitely a choice to make if you cannot afford the iPhone 4 smartphone.

Now seeing as Verizon is getting the iPhone 4 many AT&T customers may flee to the opposition but those who want the 3GS should consider the free 3GS on the AT&T network, if you are still on AT&T please let other readers know what you think of its service because at the end of the day being it a free phone or not we do not see the point of being with a network that is no good.

We are not too sure if Best Buy will have the same deal outside of USA but hey it is a start, we visited iDB and BGR and they have a screenshot of the free iPhone 3GS but we cannot find this at all. But the BBY site page does state that it is an In-Store deal only.

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