Motorola Defy Suffering Speaker Problems

The latest rugged smartphone out of the Motorola camp is of course the Motorola Defy which resists dust and drops and stuff but although the Android packing smartphone can withstand the rigours of everyday life it doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong with it.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein, and by way of the Motorola Support Forums, it appears that the Motorola Defy is experiencing some kind of issue with its speakers and apparently the issue isn’t just confined to a few users but rather is a worldwide problem as users are reporting the issue in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and more.

Apparently the issue with the Motorola Defy is to do with the ear speaker failing to work after just a few days of purchase although using the handset’s loudspeaker seem to be fine, however the ear speaker remains unusable, and apparently some owners have resorted to digging into the smartphones innards to try and solve the issue which isn’t recommended.

Unfortunately Motorola hasn’t come up with any official announcement confirming or denying the problem with the Motorola Defy, but apparently affected handsets will be repaired or replaced under the device’s warrany.

SO let’s hear from anyone who owns a Motorola Defy, are you experiencing this ear speaker issue with our device, and if so have you managed to solve he problem without having to send the device back to be repaired or replaced?


138 thoughts on “Motorola Defy Suffering Speaker Problems”

  1. Barry says:

    I bought my Defy three weeks ago from Clove Technology. It worked fine for 2 weeks then out of the blue the earpiece started crackling. Then a day later the earpiece failed completely. I could'nt hear the caller and the only way around it was to activate speakerphone. I returned to Clove who said they would inspect the phone before making a decision on the return? I have told them that i do not want a replacement Defy, instead i am getting a Milestone 2, well i hope so anyway. Not to sure if im wise getting another Motorola, i should never have got rid of my HTC Legend.

  2. Pedro says:

    Yup, I was just looking on the internet for people with this issue. I bought my Defy 4 days ago and today I noticed very bad quality on the speakers sound kinda like when a speaker fails when is ruptured. Still waiting for the Motorola answer to this, I'm calling them today.

  3. anoynomous says:

    Sounds like a lot of problems from a phone
    I for one can vouch for my nokia which still goes on even when dropped from a 3 rd floor balcony!!!
    Whats the point of having a phone which supports a multitude of apps if the phones hardware fails!!!

  4. daniel kirton says:

    i have found a small problem with the motorola defy after been put in water the earpice wont work i have spoke to the tek team and they said this is a well known issue with the hand set

  5. Mr Gutted says:

    Mines gone too after 5 days. Gutted as I really liked the phone. Went to get a replacement but then went for a refund after realising that this problem has become more widespread.

  6. Duck hubter says:

    Me and my dad both have a defy. His earpiece went out after a few weeks of having the phone and had no problem getting a replacement phone shiped from our server. My earpiece went out after a month and half. Looks like ill be getting a replacement as well.

  7. Unhappy bunny says:

    Striaght from the box my defy has echo problems. Am getting a replacement today but after reading all of these may be changing my mind. Big shame as I like the phone

  8. Jako says:

    Same here. Got the phone just after the Christmas. 27th, that is the speaker stopped functioning just after 5 days. Though I really like the phone itself, im not sure if im troubling to get new one- that might have the same problem, doesn't it?

  9. Bryn says:

    Same problem here, the ear piece went on my phone within 2 weeks took phone back changed it for new one and 3 days later the ear piece has gone again…… However I have found that if I answer the call and then tap the screen it seems to work, not a very good phone !!!!!! hope this helps

  10. Givan says:

    Folks, I managed to fix my device, the problem appeared randomly and after one day the earpiece completely stopped to work. I disassembled the unit (very easy compared to my previous experiences with htc and nokia units, just 7 external screw and 2 internal, upper side, removed the sim, unplugged the two screen connectors and you will easily have 4 layers: glass-screen-mainboard-back) and scrubbed all the connectors in the upper part of the main board and in the back plastic cover with a small screwdriver to restore the surface's connectivity.
    Looked to me like a oxidation issue, and despite there were not humidity or oxidated contacts inside, after having it reassembled, VOILA', it is with big surprise that it started to work again.
    As usual, treat as a possible lucky situation and use at your own risk.

      1. Givan says:

        No, no voids, just use gloves to avoid leaving fingermarks on the internal surfaces.
        Anyway, at the end my speaker stopped working and I had to deal with the official support, that meant 1,5 months without the phone 🙁
        Now is back, perfectly repaired and hopefully for long time.
        This is anyway a damn excellent phone for its price, but moto support sucks

  11. Wade says:

    My defy broke today, spoke to my friends in the morning with no problems at all, rung another this evening and ended up having a loudspeaker conversation after quickly realising the problem. i didn't realise this was such a big problem. looks like I'm off to the vodafone shop tomorrow… 🙁

  12. Have had the Defy phone for a few weeks now. I have been very pleased with it. Like everyone else thou my ear speaker went out and now Im afraid I will have to take it back in. For being the most rugged phone out there it does not sound like it is as rugged as they have made it out to be.

  13. McWillows says:

    I've bought my Defy only 4 weeks ago and 2 days ago I started having the "ear piece" problems. I will try to use the warranty but I am not sure if they will replace the phone or just change the "ear piece". Anyway I am also worried about that if this is a congenital problem. Let us see.

  14. jake says:

    have had my defy 3 weeks, never used the earpiece and suddenly the speaker has stopped working, vodafone are sending out a bag to send it back for a repair , which may take at least a week, unaware of this being an issue with this phone according to them!!! will have to go back to my old faithful,never had a days problem with Samsung jet!

  15. Justin says:

    Same problem as everyone else with the earpiece also screen freezing for a long time and having to reboot phone has gone back to T Mobile over a week not heard anything will let you all know.

  16. Andy F says:

    My dad has just got a Defy on which the ear speaker stopped working after a few days.
    He went back to vodafone for a replacement. The replacement lasted less than a week and its the same problem again. Very poor since I thought it would be a 'rugged' phone.
    Going back tomorrow to get a HTC Desire instead!

  17. mat bilbe says:

    Had my Defy for six weeks, over the past two days speaker quality has become very poor sounds like it has blown, sending phone off to t mobile for repair.

  18. Alan says:

    I have a defy and now have the reported ear speaker issue. Going to take it back to T-Mobile.

    Was really happy with the phone until now. I hope t-mobile sorts this out as soon as possible

  19. crystal says:

    I've had my phone for about a month now. My speakers do not work, If I use the headset, it will work, If I make calls, I can hear the other person. But if someone calls me, its silent and if I play anything with sound, it doesn't work. I am either going to call tmobile or go to the store today to figure it out because its been a week…

  20. Chris Klanac says:

    I purchased two Defy phones, one for myself and one for my wife. Both are defective and even the replacement for one fo the phones is defective. Motorola's customer service has been friendly but complete useless to resolve the issue.

  21. SM t says:

    I got my moto defy 3 days ago. The speaker started echoing realy bad and today it stopped working. But I got it working again. It might sound like im talkin rubbish but give it a go. Blow a short hard sharp breath into the speaker. And it will probly start workin. Im still getting a replacement one tomorow but its a simple temporary fix. Let ne know if it works for anyone else. Each time it stops working just blow as hard as you can into the speaker. Good luck

  22. SM t says:

    Give it a try. It even works mid phone call. Call your operator, if the speakers broke you wont hear nuthin. Blow teal hard n fast into the earpeice and it will probly start working. Ive done this like 5 times already

  23. FED UP NOW ! says:

    I am now on the 5th replacement YES FIVE REPLACEMENTS ! in about 11 weeks and yes you guessed right all replaced due to ear piece failure. I must be the unluckiest person in this area as car phone wharehouse operatives tell me i am the only one to have returned the Defy to them ( oh yes i think not ! ) I am becoming fed up now OH YES FED UP 1

  24. FED UP NOW ! says:

    I am on my 5th replacement YES FIVE REPLACEMENTS in about 11 weeks ! Yes you guessed it all replaced due to speaker failure. I must be the unluckiest person in this area as Car phone warehouse operatives tell me i am the only one to have returned the Defy with this problem (yes i m sure NOT ). I am now fed up ! and if this number 6 fails i will be looking for something different

  25. lizzy says:

    didnt have a problem with the ear speaker. but mines 2 weeks old and have had to take it in because it just freezes all the time. the touch screen will do whatever it wants. sometimes i can't even lock the phone. anyone else had this problem with it??

  26. Mac says:

    Got mine on wed. Now its friday and my ear speaker went out. I turned my phone upside down and gave it a couple of good smacks on a covered table. It works now.

  27. svola4 says:

    I am on my 2nd replacement, car phone warehouse told me that I am the only one to bring the Defy 2nd time with the same problem – ear speaker! A very interesting fact is that when I went to pick up my first replacement, the detected by them problem was @no display@…very strange…I think motorola is trying to hide the real problem of the phone, and mention other problems to be detected!!!

  28. Adam says:

    Had mind 1 month and then the the ear piece stopped working.. It currently with Motorola Support (SBE (UK) LTD) being fixed but they have had it for 2 weeks now… i was told by Motorola that it would be 5 working days. No replacement phone given while mind being repaired…

    Can any one tell me how long theres took to repair when sending it to SBE.

  29. Midnight Farm says:

    I'm on my second Defy now as my fist one suffered the earpiece speaker problem. It took them well over a month to realise they couldn't fix it and give me a new phone. 3 weeks later, I have exactly the same problem. I do like the phone, but at this rate I'll be going through about 15 a year. Hardly a tough phone.

    Also be aware, whilst my phone was in for repair my internet accounts were accessed through the information stored on my phone. I cant go into details as it's under investigation, but make sure you delete your sensitive information or enter the wrong passwords a few times before you hand it over. Better still, restore to factory settings.

  30. Helena says:

    Got my motorola defy for Christmas and it worked fine for the first week and then had the speaker problems. It’s been at repair for nearly a month now and they gave me a 10pound nokia replacement while still taking the money for a much better contract! If they can’t fix it I’m afraid I most probably won’t be asking for another defy until this is fixed. The indestructible became destructible.

  31. cyberpusa says:

    i have the same problem. my defy's earpiece is useless. i don't even think of it as a phone anymore, since the primary feature of a phone is for calling purposes

  32. Boinger says:

    My Defy lasted nearly two months (must be some kind of record) before developing the same speaker problem.Took it for repair today, they told me it could be up to 28 days before it is back, no replacement was offered because phones 4u on the net (where I bought it ) is a totally different company to phones 4u in the high street. So it looks like I may well get grief for two years (my contract length) unless somewhere down the line I can swap for a different model/make.Like other comments on here I think the phone is great, just hope they can sort it out.

  33. rob adams says:

    I am very disappointed, first of all with the phone, secondly with the service. Yes, the earpiece has broken, in my case i didnt even get a normal call, it had broken before i used it, secondly the touch pad beneath the screen is broken in the corner, for no reason, may i add. Then you go to the motorola website and it takes hours to find any email adress or number that you can call. Finally, attempting to fix my phone is not that helpful, I have a phone for a reason, so i can keep in touch with friends and family, and motorola repairing it means I wont be able to do this and also, my contract will keep rolling, un-necessary expense, THANKS a LOT motorola, great phone.

  34. sev petkov says:

    Same problem after 3 months. Do not buy , especially from T-mobile UK. Have to wait 28 days to get fixed as this is a known problem but they don't wont to give replacement phone and claim every time this is the first phone whit this problem. Just wondering what will happen when warranty expires. 🙁

  35. tonyroberts says:

    i am now on my 2nd defy and it has broken with the same issue the speaker i am going to ask for a different phone on the contract it is redicoulous to have a mobile which u cant make calls on

  36. Peter Allen says:

    my first defy ear piece stopped working 3 days after i got it, that was 2 months ago my secon defy has just stopped working with exactly the same issue, about to get my third. If this fails i will not be getting another, warrantee or not. I have never dropped it nor got it wet in any way. Best phone i have ever had in all other ways, bitterly dissapointing.

  37. Jackie MacDiarmid says:

    On my 2nd Defy (which i suspect is a refurbished one!!!) after i sent my first one back after a month with the speaker problem, to Vodafone (who couldn't fix it) ,partner also got one in November was away at sea for 11 weeks and didn't use it , came back 2 weeks ago and guess what after using it for a week , it also developed the speaker problem when he took it back to vodafone they denied that there was an issue with the earpiece or speaker , even though I'd already been in with it…………………..Vodafone your customer service is non-existent…..Motorola this could be a great phone but is crap ,if you can't admit you have a problem with it then withdraw it

  38. Sparky Mark says:

    So its not only me. 1st Defy lasted 27days took it back when i had time to Carphone warehouse on 30days and after a lot of moaning replaced phone. 2nd phone packed up today after 25days with same faulty earpiece problem. But car phone warehouse policy is will only replace within 28days from receipt of 1st phone not 2nd phone. No replacement phone in shop and after wasting 75minutes of my life told only options is repair.Sales person could not really be arsed as they made no money on deal.

  39. Slippers says:

    Yet another one, mine has lasted about 3 months but now has the same issue. Thanks everyone for reporting this. Off to see what vodafone have to say…..

  40. Jake says:

    I'm in the United States and am experiencing the same issue. Just had the earpiece go out on my defy for the second time. Received a replacement the first time, now thinking of getting a different phone.

  41. Neil says:

    I purchased my Defy around the end of 2010 and I have just had the earpiece speaker fail on me this weekend which is a real hassle. It works on the loud speaker only.

  42. davyb says:

    Yep, i too have joined an ever growing community, THE MOTOROLA DEAFNESS SOCIETY.
    Mine lasted 2 months, earphone/speaker packed up, now got a fight on to get a refund, do i really want a replacement or repair of a product that is so flawed it is unreal, not an isolated fault there appears to be 1,000s throughout Europe.


  43. Manny says:

    This is going to be my 3rd MOTOROLA DEFY phone I've replaced through T-Mobile with the same problem, ear speaker. The good thing is that motorola will replace it for you. You just have to pay for shipping and handling for $9.99. They handle the return postage fee. It's just frustrating having to sync everything back all over again. other than the ear speaker problem, this phone is awesome!!!

  44. bgailey says:

    my speaker lasted 3 days before it started crackling, but stil made sound for another month., today it quit all together.

    should have gone with a samsung phone.

  45. Barry says:

    Yes another ear piece problem after 3 months, Also i have random drop outs anyone else had this? Also not happy about not getting Blue Tick, that was the only reason i bought the Defy

  46. Nick says:

    Had my Defy for 30 days, and the same problem everyone else seems to be having happened to me too. It took 5 weeks for Telstra and Motorola to acknowledge the problem and replace the phone. I have had the replacement for just under 2 weeks, and already I'm starting to notice some similar symptoms of what I had before the earpiece stopped working last time. I am very concerned, and moreso disappointed with Motorola. I hope I do not have to go through the whole process again with Telstra/Motorola where I am paying off a phone I do not have!

  47. john says:

    ive had my defy for 6 months no problems i really like this phone then the ear speaker stopped working suddenly yesterday wher do i take this to get it fixed? minnisota usa

  48. Steve says:

    I have had my phone since Christmas and just happened to me, can't hear anyone. Took it back to the UK Store and they will send it back to Motorola for repair/replacement. With any luck they have a v2 out or at least a module that works.

  49. Denis says:

    Phone ear speaker no working, but loudspeaker works ok. 27-04-2011
    Had my DEFY since Nov 2010 and problem just started, checked all operating systems but no luck, has anybody noticed that the volume bar is now RED, this might mean something???????????
    Will live with for a while before going back for replacement, just to see how wide spread problem is

  50. Denis says:

    Ear phone speaker not working, loud speker OK, volume bar now RED in colour, any info.
    Think the internal oxidation of contacts a good call for this problem but distroys warranty so back it goes for replacement.

  51. AG. says:

    Speaker on my first defy failed after 2 weeks. Lousy service from Telstra in Australia to replace it.

    Then defy #2 lasted less than 2 weeks before sound failed yesterday.


    to me this suggest this is not a simple hardware problem.

  52. IVAN PR says:


  53. enigma11 says:

    got 2 defys b4 xmas.month ago speaker went garbled on first 1.yesterday speaker on the other gone completely.wait 4 first to come back from repair

  54. mark warr says:

    My defy was working fine, up until two days ago, then the ear speaker just stopped working, cant hear a thing, the loud speaker is fine, and people can hear me fine.
    Its been a really great phone up until then, and since November 2010 Ive had no problems.
    But now considering that it hasnt been dropped, or exposed to any of the rigours that its supposed to be designed for I am not impressed with it at all

  55. R L says:

    My Defy worked flawlessly about 5 months (since the end of December 2010), then suddenly speaker just stopped working. Bluetooth handsfree, handsfree and speakerphone worked fine at the same time. I’ve reported about this issue to Vodafone, so I’ve got replacement after 4 days. New one works fine… keeping fingers crossed. 🙂

  56. Bought my Defy in the Netherlands in February 2011, the ear speaker stopped working after 3 months. Brought it back to the store, where I did buy the Defy, 2 weeks ago and I’m still waiting for it to be returned.

  57. Vladimir Krstic says:

    I have brought defy last month but its from december 2010… my earpiece is dead silent when I am calling someone but works when I use speaker….. when someone is calling me it work almost good….. is that earpiece problem and what can I do? this is very good phone and it will be a shame if I have to change it….

  58. Vladimir Krstic says:

    I have brought defy last month but its from december 2010… my earpiece is dead silent when I am calling someone but works when I use speaker….. when someone is calling me it work almost good….. is that earpiece problem and what can I do? this is very good phone and it will be a shame if I have to change it….

  59. Speaker broke after 2 month, I sent it back to Motorola through Vodafone store, received phone, worked perfectly fine for almost 4 weeks (!!!), before it broke down again. On my way to Vodafone now to send phone back again. Would be great to hear Motorola´s/Google´s opinion on that. By the way, due to the acquisition, where should I sent my complaint to? Google or Motorola?

  60. Speaker broke after 2 month, I sent it back to Motorola through Vodafone store, received phone, worked perfectly fine for almost 4 weeks (!!!), before it broke down again. On my way to Vodafone now to send phone back again. Would be great to hear Motorola´s/Google´s opinion on that. By the way, due to the acquisition, where should I sent my complaint to? Google or Motorola?

  61. Five months old and the ear speaker in my Defy just packed up. There’s a lot of info on the net about a mod using a SE K850 speaker. I’ll give it back to Motorola because it’s still in warranty, but if it fails again (as some of the posts here suggest), I’ll go down the modding route.

  62. Michael Wakefield says:

    Mine got the same problem today. I bought two of them about six months ago. My wife’s still works fine. I tried a chat with support. They want me to do a factory reset but I don’t want to without knowing that it will solve the problem. I bought it in Atlanta.

  63. Michael says:

    Mine was purchased Nov 2011, ear speaker died last week, having problems recharging too since!. Have been pleased with the phone so far on contract with Vodaphone will see how helpul they are.

  64. RoxyOneal says:

    I got my Motorola Defy in Feb. of this year and all of a sudden the i couldnt heary calls except if it was on speakerphone. I called Tmobile and she sent a signal to my phone and it worked fine for 3hours then stopped working again. What is the deal??

  65. Idor says:

    I am researching this problem as it has just happened to my phone. i cannot here the caller but i can with speaker phone on. my wife has the same phone and hers is fine at  the moment. i tried turning it off and removing the sim card. to no avail. I will have to contact where i purchased it.

  66. Gzowski says:

    first Defy bought this year had  really bad sound quality..took it back and it was repaced with a new one…the same thing happened with this one…the sounds was very metallic and crackly and quiet…the phone was sent back to MOtorola and repaired and worked fine for a couple months..it has now developed the same problems again..so taking it back to Tmobile…this time I am going to say that I am not happy with the DEFY at all and it has an inherent fault I was not made aware of when I bought it..so want something different!!!

  67. Maruca says:

    I am having the problem since today… I bought it last February (2011) here in Switzerland and I always had problems with it, as it wouldn’t dial certain numbers (claiming there was no connection to the provider, but that could not have been the problem!)…Arghhh. quite disappointed, because for the rest I love this phone!

  68. mase says:

    Same problem in australia sent back 3 times for repair then fourth time handset was replaced and guess what 2weeks with new handset earpeice failed again has been repaired and has been fine for 3 months now. fingers crossed 🙂

  69. Danthegoat says:

    Had my Defy for just under a year when it’s speaker failed, just so happens I a message to turn my handset off for a software update, first phone call after the update….no speaker. Sent phone off beginning of december and still waiting. Three of my mates have the same phone, all have had the same fault

  70. sian says:

    I bought my Defy in August 2011. The problem was that during calls no-one could hear me, but I could hear them perfectly, it cropped up yesterday. This affected both incoming and outgoing calls. Also, greyed-out triangle symbol flashed up a few times, featuring an exclamation mark and stating ‘audio problem’…
    Never thought to try using the loudspeaker. Not sure I knew it had one?
    Phones4U technical support got me to restore the factory settings today, which seems to have actually worked…fingers crossed. This erases everything stored on the phone, unless you’re handy with stuff like data cables and memory cards, so I had to export all my entire contact list onto ‘MotoBlur’ / simcard first. Am complete technophobe but the support staff were really good and patiently talked me through it. Pretty annoying all the same.
    Disppointed that so-called smart phones are so complicated to use and temperamental. If I’m carting something this huge and ugly around I would expect it to work fine. Beginning to wish I’d stuck to my pretty, purple, tiny Nokia Fold now…
    But hey! Hope this helps anyone with same issue.

    1. Sian says:

      Erm…well having followed ‘Factory Reset’ -as per Phones4U Tech Support- it’s still working on mine. So far. But then, it was only 72 hours ago…and I did lose all the data except for actual #s in contacts list… (apparently this can be avoided if you have a ‘data cable’ / ‘memory card’ ?)
      Good Luck with it, anyway !!

  71. Graham says:

    Same here, 3 months old, am going to Telstra Australia to pick up a replacement, no hassles. Hope it lasts!!? Not happy with my first smartphone experiencr

  72. Karokemom2004 says:

    My sons have the same problem and both are on phone number 4 we have sent the others back and got replacements and within 2 weeks same problems occur. you can hear the caller but they cant hear you if you put it on speaker than they can hear you. These phones appear to be the worst made and a total reset through t mobile makes no difference. These phones need to be recalled. I am not happy with T mobile or motorola these phones cost in the upper three hundered dollar range and are not worth five dollars.

  73. Fisher says:

    I have had my M/Defy for 15 mths now. My problem is similar though the call can not hear me nor can I hear them even on speaker. This problem started 2 days ago. Hopefully Telstra Australia can do something about it. 

  74. Shane A J Scott says:

    I have had my M/Defy for 13 mths now. My problem is similar though the caller can hear me, I can not hear the caller, calls on speaker phone are fine. This problem started 4 days ago. Hopefully Telstra Australia can do something about it. 

  75. Shane A J Scott says:

    I have had my M/Defy for 13 mths now. My problem is similar though the caller can hear me, I can not hear the caller, calls on speaker phone are fine. This problem started 4 days ago. Hopefully Telstra Australia can do something about it. 

  76. Ternce Lee-Fisher says:

    I purchased my motorola defy  on Amazon market place worked ok for 11 months as amazon
    guarantee is for 90 days and the seller is no longer trading  they sugested contacting Motorola.
    Alas as it appears the phone was made in Singapore they could not  or did not want to repair it.
    The moral of this is! be carefull of amazon market place ,and unless you live in singapore dont 
    buy a motorola mobile there as they dont have a global gaurantee

  77. David Rothery says:

    Had my Defy for about 6 months, just started with earpiece problem, such a D*”! inconvenience to send it away for repair/replacement, I’d have to spend hours backing it up, reverting it back to factory std just when it had become indispensable. Motorola really ought to come clean about this,and fix the problem without inconveniencing the end user, it’s their fault-FIX IT.I for one won’t be buying another Motorola phone!

  78. stewart says:

    had my defy for 13 months and had the speaker fixed twice now the dam phone wont charge now, just about had enough with this so called indestructible phone. Car-phone warehouse have been great and fixed it every time but when you get it back everything is wiped from memory, apps and photos all gone, a bit inconvenient.

  79. Herold Ypma says:

    mine just died
    today, no reason, just stopped working.
    second hand, no warranty. No hardware failure. After a complete sutdown it works vor 15 seconds and then dies? Netherlands anyone a solution?

  80. Paul69780 says:

    Could not hear caller unaless on speaker got a new phone after 2 weeks repear now the speaker is crackerling 6 months on paul from hull

  81. Dukedeh says:

    Okay, 3 out of 4 of our Defy’s have been send back. 2 of them with the speaker issue. Don’t know what to do. All of the HTC phones still working like a charm. But these Defy’s are ‘strong’ phones for working on site. Netherlands

  82. Allichuck says:

    I just fixed mine by spraying electrical contact cleaner in the ear piece. Works GREAT now. The volume started returning bit by bit til it was loud as hell!

  83. mark greenaway says:

    after 9 months fone had to be returned to motorola for 3 week repair sesh. ear speaker was also fixed but lasted bout 1 week. Used only on loadspeaker now for about 6 months. crap phone

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