Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Benchmarked: Video

No doubt most mobile gamers are eager for any news on the new gaming smartphone, the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Zeus Z1 phone along with any video footage that may become available, well your luck is in because that’s exactly what we have for our readers today.

We’ve already posted a couple of Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone videos which can be viewed (here) and (here) but today we have a video which benchmarks the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone using the Qualcomm Neocore benckmark application.

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone benchmark video comes our way courtesy of Ross Miller over at Engadget and only lasts 48 seconds and shows that the handset managed to hit 24.4 fps which doesn’t seem that great when the Google Nexus S hit 55.6 frames per second.

However Miller does stipulate that it probably isn’t the final software, so basically not a great deal can be concluded at this time by the benchmark. At least we do get to see a game running on the Sony Ericsson PlayStation prototype though, so enjoy the video.

So are any of our readers eagerly awaiting the release of the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone, which has been reported as being launched in March 2011?

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