Windows Phone 7 Update 2 Coming at MWC 2011

If you remember back at the end of November, Microsoft announced that a major update to their Windows Phone 7 operating system would come sometime in January 2011, we reported on that announcement which you can refresh your memory on (here) if you feel the need.

However apparently this January 2011 WP7 update won’t be the only major update the OS will be getting as according to an article over on Ubergizmo, due to the first update not delivering the features that may be expected, Winrumors is reporting that Microsoft will unveil a second major update to Windows Phone 7 during Mobile World Congress 2011 in February.

The word is that the second update for Windows Phone 7 smartphones may deliver extra customisation options while app developers may get new APIs along with controls which should enable more “sophisticated apps for the future.”

According to the report… “The update includes some great new features for developers; Windows Phone 7 apps in 2011 will certainly become more interesting.”

Of course Microsoft hasn’t actually confirmed this second update for Windows Phone 7, but considering Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer is delivering a keynote at MWC 2011 it’s fairly easy to presume he’ll have something to say about Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system, don’t you think?

Will a second update to Windows Phone 7 make the public what to purchase WP7 smartphones though? I know WP7 is still relatively new to the mobile space, but the uptake of the OS with the public doesn’t seem to be going great guns to me, I could be wrong of course.

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