Angry Birds 1-6 Video Walkthrough: Simple 3 Stars

So all you iOS device owners out there who have been spending much of their time playing the extremely popular multi platform mobile game Angry Birds and have struggled to grab 3 stars on level 1-6 in Angry Birds we have a little video footage that will solve that problem for your below.

I’m pretty sure the gameplay of Angry Birds needs no explanation but the object of the game is basically to destroy those pesky egg stealing green pigs by launching birds of varying colours and abilities at the green pigs lairs, you know how it goes.

So if you need a little extra help with your iPhone Angry Birds we have a video walkthrough of how you can get 3 stars on level 1-6 courtesy of Mahalo, which features Jason McIntrye sown how it’s done on the Apple iPad. With Angry Birds there are 63 levels and each level has 3 stars to be earned.

Jason shows the use how to hit the pig construction at a precise point with a single Angry Birds so the construction collapses and kills that pesky pig, so two constructions with two Angry Birds, which to me is somewhat easy anyway, but no doubt there are a few that have problems so may find this video informative.

Do iPhone users who play Angry Birds really have a problem with destroying the green pigs when playing the early levels of Angry Birds? Personally I found the lower levels on my Android version rather simple to complete, is the game that much more difficult on the iPhone you need tutorials?

Other than completing level 1-6 at the end of the video that are also numerous links to other level video which you can also check out starting from level 1-1 right up to level 1-20. So with all that said all you need do is skip on down, check out the video and then choose the level link you are having the most problem with…enjoy.

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