Google Android Nexus S Goes Into Near Orbit: Video

Now I’m not too sure why anyone would want to send a smartphone into near outer space, but apparently that is what has happened with the latest smartphone out of the Google Guys camp with the Samsung made Google Nexus S.

We have a video of that different kind of Android smartphone launch courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of New Scientist, which lasts just on two minutes and launched the Google Nexus S up to 30,000 metres high which is quite a ways up don’t you think?

A total of 7 Nexus S devices where shot up to near space in Styrofoam beer coolers with their cameras facing out through a clear plastic cut-out. The reason for the test was to find out just how the Google Nexus S Android device holds up at altitude.

Apparently according to Google software engineer Thomas Nourse, it’s a really easy project to do and can be done fairly cheaply if you can find a phone to do it with and costs under $500.

So just how does the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread packing Google Nexus S fair at high altitude? Well to find out you’re going to have to head on down and hit that play button…enjoy.

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