Apple iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case Demo Video

You no doubt are aware that the Apple iPad uses a virtual keyboard, but many people don’t quite get on with an on screen keyboard and prefer a physical one, which Apple iPad users miss out on, but not any longer as we have a video unboxing and demonstration of a Apple iPad case that features a Bluetooth keyboard for your viewing pleasure below.

The video unboxing and demo video comes our way courtesy of Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo and delivers a traditional unboxing of the Apple iPad accessory along with demonstrating how the Bluetooth keyboard works.

The video lasts just over seven and a half minutes and Jon says that the keyboard feels quite nice and has a rubber feel to it while the case closer is magnetic but appears to be fine although the case does add a fair bit of bulk and weight to carrying the Apple iPad.

So with that said I’ll stop there and simply let you head on down and check out this Apple iPad case incorporating a Bluetooth keyboard and to make up your own mind whether the Apple iPad really needs a $70 physical keyboard…enjoy.

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