Android Nexus S Space Flight Video

I’m not too sure what it is about smartphones and shooting them up to space as its been done before, but tech guys keep on doing it and this time the newest Google phone the Android 2.3 Gingerbread toting Google Nexus S takes a trip spaceward.

And of course the process was captured on video which we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Brian Barrett of Gizmodo and by way of the Google Mobile Blog and lasts almost two minutes.

In the video the Google Nexus S along with an Android mascot of course is launched by balloon up to 100,000 feet and took two and a half hours and found that the GPS on the Nexus S worked up to 60,000 feet and the smartphone could withstand temperatures as low -50c.

Anyway if you are into seeing the curvature of our planet as seen by the Google Nexus S then head on down, mash that play button, sit back and enjoy Android in Space.

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