The Last Text: This Video May Save Your Life

We at Phones Review have always been ardent supporters of any campaign that gets that most important message across to those people who continue to text while in control of a vehicle, why? Because if you use your mobile phone to text when driving you are no longer in control of that vehicle and a danger not only to yourself but other road users.

AT&T has now released a video as part of their “It Can Wait” campaign, and we have that video below courtesy of Joshua Topolsky over at Engadget and delivers 11 minutes of the effects of texting when driving by showing several stories involving those who have died or been injured because of a simple text.

We urge everyone to watch the video below and heed the message it sends because it could save not only your life but the lives of others. We can’t say it often enough, typing out that text message no matter how short can result in loss of life, so the message is quite simple…DON’T TEXT WHEN DRIVING!

Think about it, is sending that text so important it can’t wait? Think about how your family and friends would feel if you ended up wrapped around some tree, roadside barrier or dead in a ditch somewhere simply because you altered your concentration from driving to texting for just a few seconds.

Here in the UK it is illegal to text or use a mobile phone when driving unless via a hands-free solution, a law that should be taken up by every country across the globe, but you don’t really need a law, you only need common sense to know texting when at the wheel is dangerous, and videos such as “The Last Text.”

The video below is quite an emotional punch and hopefully will at least wise some people up to the risk you run when texting while driving, so my advice is watch the video as it may save your life.


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