HTC Desire HD for Telus Canada Gains FCC Approval

Apparently North America does have an HTC Desire HD variant yet, but word has it that is soon to change as apparently the HTC Desire HD has now gained approval from the FCC and sports WCDMA bands II and V which means the smartphone could be heading for Rogers, bell Telus and AT&T.

The guys over at Engadget did their usual snooping of FCC files and discovered the news of an HTC Desire HD model number PD98120 with the original European HTC Desire HD carrying the model number PD98100.

So which North American carrier will snag this HTC Desire HD? Well according to Andrew Munchbach of the Boy Genius Report, one of their trusted sources has confirmed the smartphone will be playing nice up in Canada on the Telus network.

Apparently the unnamed source has stated they have already seen the HTC Desire HD sporting the Telus brand and a Telus rep has the device running on the Telus network, but wouldn’t give a launch date for the device.

So any of our Canadian buddies hoping to pick up the Android 2.2 Froyo packing HTC Desire HD when it surfaces on Telus?

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