Will Nokia Go With Windows Phone 7?

Not too long ago there was a report that Eldar Murtazin has stated Nokia may team with Microsoft to deliver an entire line of Windows Phone 7 devices, you can refresh your memory on the matter by hitting up (here).

However according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, Martin Watts, one soon to be ex-employee of Nokia has said on his blog that the idea of Nokia considering Windows Phone 7 as a platform is “stark raving loony.”

Watts further says that although Nokia uses the Symbian platform and MeeGo platform they are both open source but Nokia demands total control over their OS’s and Nokia couldn’t accomplish that with Windows Phone 7.

However, Watts does stipulate in his blog that he is not a spokesperson for Nokia and his impressions on Nokia and Windows Phone 7 are personal opinion and not any official inside scoop from Nokia and his views are based on publicly available info.

So basically the assumption of Nokia going with Windows Phone 7 being “stark raving loony” is just the personal view of a Nokia developer. So what do our readers think; will Nokia turn to Microsoft and go with Windows Phone 7 on future devices or do you agree with Watts and that it’s a “stark raving loony” idea?

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