iOS Number One in US Smartphone OS Market Share For Now

Back in September of last year (2010) Apple’s iOS platform snatched the number one spot in US operating system market share, and has apparently held onto that number one slot in November 2010 with 28.6% of the US OS market share.

According to an article over on iPhonefaq by Bob Bhatnagar, a recent report from Nielsen shows that Apple’s iOS commands more US market share than any other platform with rival operating systems BlackBerry and Android with a margin for error are tied.

Apparently looking at the past 6 months, iOS is remaining steady while Android is surging with people purchasing Android at a rate of 40.8% in November while iOS had 26.9% and BlackBerry managed only 19.2% market share in recent acquisitions.

Thus although it appears that Android is growing in popularity with consumers iOS still commands the top position and when it comes to individual handsets, the Apple iPhone continues to dominate.

From June to November 2010 Apple’s iOS US smartphone market share grew by 1% while Android rose by 11% with RIM BlackBerry falling 8% and thus if this trend should continue we could well see Android kicking iOS off that top slot in the not too distant future.

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