New Year Quotes 2011 iOS App

So the New Year has rolled around once again and no doubt many have made that New Years resolution to give up smoking, save more money, have more fun, not to stress so much and such and usually these resolutions are forgotten in a matter of a few days.

Now though iOS device users can try something a little different with the New Years Resolutions 2011 app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, an iOS app that will enable the user to keep track of those New Year resolutions.

The New Years Resolutions 2011 iOS app come with a pre-loaded list of resolution along with a number of wacky ones as well and also allows the app user to write their own New Year resolution and is easy to use and is quite useful in getting shot of those unwanted habits.

The New Years Resolutions 2011 iOS app is available to download to your iPhone; iPod Touch or Apple iPad from iTunes as a free application so why not grab it and start your New Year off by keeping your resolution.

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