PS3 Master Root Key Online via iPhone Hacker

Not just by any old iPhone hacker though, but none other than the main man of the iPhone jailbreak, George Hotz also known as GeoHot, who has apparently posted the PS3 Master root key to his website which apparently delivers the ability to sign their own homebrew software whilst making their PS3 believe it is genuine.

According to an article over on Escapist Magazine by way of 1up, GeoHot posted a short thanks to the “failk0verflow hacker team” which last week gave a presentation on PS3 security, and the thanks was for their help with the asymmetric part of the key.

Apparently although unconfirmed, Sony may have difficulty changing the published key without making a large amount of PS3 software inoperable and if true then Sony may not be able to do anything about it and thus won’t have a way of stopping users running homebrew software on the PS3.

GeoHot has stated though that he “doesn’t condone piracy” and that he hopes people will use the key responsibly. Furthermore apparently GeoHot has offered his services to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to help make future consoles more secure.

Having said that, obviously GeoHot doesn’t have control over who uses the key and no doubt there will be many who don’t use it responsibly and will abuse the key for pirating purposes.

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