iOS Apps Battle Video: Skype Takes On FaceTime

Now obviously when the iPhone 4 came out to play it was carrying its very own chat app FaceTime, but now Skype has also pushed out a chat app for iOS devices but how does Skype compare with FaceTime?

Well to see if both iOS chat app live up to expectations the guys over at Gizmodo have done a little comparison battle between FaceTime and Skype, but they do start out by saying these are not scientific tests of both apps.

Obviously there are other chat apps available but FaceTime and Skype are up at the top of the table so they concentrated their comparison on them. And say that test were done using either an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G or an iPhone 4 and a Hackintosh running OS X.

At the outset it has to be said that the Skype app does have a good head start over FaceTime due to having the ability to be used on both 3G and WiFi and also being desktop cross platform meaning the user can chat with others whether on Windows, Linux or OS X.

But you’re not really interested in all that, what you really want to know is which of these two iOS chat app comes out on top, FaceTime or Skype, well to find out you’re going to have to skip on down and mash that play button to see if you agree or disagree with the outcome…enjoy.

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