Verizon Samsung SCH-i520 Could This Be it?

There seems to be a new Samsung device that’s headed for Verizon Wireless at some point but doesn’t yet have a name and is known just as the Samsung SCH-i520 and a little evidence of the device may have just been spotted.

According to an article over on Droid-life by Kellex the Offwire website is showing an accessory for the Samsung SCH-i520 in the form of a charcoal grey/black combo case with screen protector priced at $24.99.

According to Kellex the top of the Samsung SCH-i520 has been seen before sporting the 4G LTE logo hence the assumption the device is destined for Verizon, and also showed a triangular speaker and front facing camera. This latest spotting shows that the top matches that previously seen but the bottom is new.

Furthermore apparently the rear of this Samsung SCH-i520 has the Google Nexus S hump which apparently could mean that this device is actually the unnamed Samsung SCH-i520.

So what are our readers opinions, is this the Samsung SCH-i520 for Verizon, can you shed some light? Fell free to voice your opinions in our comments area below.

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