Visual Weight Tracker App for Windows Phone 7

Now that the festive season is over and all that feasting has taken its toll and added a few extra pounds you might be thinking about losing some weight and if you are one of the Windows Phone 7 faithful there is now an app that can help you with that task.

According to an article over on Marketplace Browser, the Visual Weight Tracker app for Windows Phone 7 smartphones is now available for download from the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $1.99.

Visual Weight Tracker for Windows Phone 7 enables the user to set a weight goal, keep track of their progress via images and numbers, motivate and inspire by storing images of your weight loss journey, keep track of your total weight loss so far, track average weekly loss and keeps your data private via password protection.

The Visual Weight Tracker app for Windows Phone 7 is published by Ingenio Apps is 0.16MB in size and was released on the 5th of January for download.

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