Windows 7 OS Speakal BTS8 Desk Phone at CES 2011

Who says landlines are dead and buried? Not according to Speakal it’s not as they are have come up with the BTS8 desk phone which features a 5 inch LCD display and runs Microsoft Windows 7 so you can surf the net while at your desk.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by Chris Davies, the Speakal BTS8 is a “phone/personal computer hybrid” and not only runs the Windows 7 operating system but also comes with a Skype capable web cam and is on show at CES 2011.

Speakal is more known for their strange animal shaped iPod dock than anything but it appears they have put a mini computer into a desk phone and includes a browser, email, SMS, calendar, fax, call recording, contacts and the device can login and remotely access data stored on the BTS8.

The CEO of Speakal David Soloman, has said… “BTS8 completely streamlines business communications and computing for the modern office. Users are able to optimize connectivity and empower their phone with the advanced capabilities of Windows 7 while saving up to 90% of the power regularly used with a desktop PC.”

As usual though if you are after a new desk phone and one that also sports a computer, we can’t tell you just when the device will become available or what it will set you back.

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