Verizon iPhone Release End of Jan?

The general assumption is that Verizon Wireless is going to officially announce the Verizon iPhone on Tuesday the 11th of January as we previously reported (here) however apparently there is now a rumour that not long after that announcement the CDMA iPhone for Verizon will see release.

According to an article over on Engadget by Ross Miller, the Wall Street Journal has pegged the Verizon iPhone as coming out near the end of January according to their “long standing sources.”

According to the WSJ article Gleacher and Co analyst Brian Marshall says he believes that roughly 5 percent of Verizon customers will opt for the CDMA iPhone in the first quarter it goes on sale which would be a faster rate than when AT&T launched the iPhone back in 2007.

Marshall said…”There’s probably around 17 million subscribers on AT&T that use the iPhone cumulatively — I think over time Verizon could be even bigger than that.”

So what are our readers opinions on this, will the Verizon iPhone launch before January is out and will it be a huge success for Verizon, or do you think Verizon is coming a bit late to the iPhone game and sales of a CDMA iPhone will be slow? Feel free to voice your opinions in our comments area below.


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