Crazy iPhone Accessories: iPlunge Mini Stand Madness

In our eyes the best Apple iPhone accessories are the crazy ones, you know the gadgets that adds a little madness into the equation.

You do not need high-tech accessories nowadays to make it as the best because we believe the low-tech ones are more fun and cool to own like the stunning iPLUNGE iPhone mini stand.

Take the sink plunger then shrink it a little and hey presto you have a brilliant and cool Apple iPhone mini stand, a plunger is not only for unblocking sinks, toilets and baths you know.

The miniature iPlunge allows your iPhone to stand free so that you can view your contents like videos, photos and much more horizontally or vertically, just get the iPlunge and suck it to your iPhone it is as simple as that.

This is the perfect gift that is small and cute, it is definitely eye catching and iPhone fans will love it. The iPLUNGE is only $5.95 and can be purchase via Baron Bob.

If you love this idea please do check out the cool and crazy iBottleOpener iPhone case, oh yes you can open your bottles of beer with your iPhone case.

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