Android SoIP Tablet Home Unveiled at CES 2011: Video

During CES 2011 in Las Vegas ENSPERT unveiled their new ‘Tablet Home’ device which is a home hub product with media convergence. The Tablet Home is based on the Android platform and is a SoIP which stands for ‘Service over IP’ an has a model number of S200U.

And we have a little video footage for your viewing pleasure below of the Tablet Home at CES 2011 which delivers almost a minute and a half of the Tablet Home up close and making a voice call and playing video and such and comes our way courtesy of Astin Jung, over at Aving.

The Tablet Home features an optimised home convergence environment along with smart networking functionality with DLNA support, Bluetooth and WiFi, 1GHz CPU and sports the N-Screen platform for linking devices such as tablets, TV’s and smartphones and the ability to transfer media to those devices via cloud networking or convergence.

The CEO of ENSPERT has said, “‘Tablet Home’ will evolve into the cutting-edge hub grid devices that correspond to the connected home smart era where all the devices and the services are integrated in IP. ENSPERT will lead the market both home and abroad based on the world first introduced technology.”

But you’re not interested in all that tech talk what you really want to do is head on down, hit that play button and check out the Tablet Home in action. So get to it and enjoy.

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