iPad 2 Release Unknown, Possible Launch February 1

There is a lot of talk about the next Apple iPad installment aka iPad 2 especially surrounding its launch and release date, so lets talk a little more about this shall we.

If Digg founder Kevin Rose is correct the new iPad 2 could possibly launch within the next 3 to 4 weeks, he basically said in a nutshell that he has on good authority that Apple themselves will be announcing the iPad 2 possibly Tuesday February 1.

We are hoping that the new iPad will feature Retina display with higher DPI and hopefully coming with front and rear facing cameras.

The launch may possibly be February 1st but the release date is not yet known, we would love to know if you will buy the current iPad or will you wait for the new Apple iPad 2.

All we know is that Apple will see sales rocketing once they release the new iPad and as you are aware it is said that Verizon will be announcing its iPhone today at 4PM London time, for the full Verizon Conference time table please visit our earlier article here.

Please read our previous articles covering the iPad 2 and its possible smaller different bezel and larger speaker plus the video covering the iPad 2 case.

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4 thoughts on “iPad 2 Release Unknown, Possible Launch February 1”

  1. Im planning on waiting til the "ipad 2" is released as to check price difference. if the improvements dont warrent the new one then i'll just buy the old one for cheaper 😀

  2. Hello!

    I’m an owner of the current iPad and would like to be able to buy the newest installment when it’s released but reading your review and from what I can gather from other reviews and news about the iPad 2 there is a likely hood that it will come with the retina display so don’t you think this will increase the price?

    Also the camera theory I think could be a definite thing because there was that mock-up case that was shown prematurely at CES, which had the slots for the rear camera on the back for were it would be located.

  3. Slopez says:

    I have been debating whether or not I should get the Ipad or wait for the Ipad 2. I wanted to get one as a Valentines gift for my significant other. I would love to have it wrapped up and ready to go, but if the Ipad 2 will be out shortly after, I would much rather buy a giftcard to apple for her and give her that.
    So though I am excited to make this purchase, because she has wanted one ever since they came out, I think I am going to have to put my excitement aside and wait it out.
    I have no doubt in my mind that the wait will be more than worth it.

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