Apple iPad 2 Captured on Video: Fake or Not?

Well now that the Verizon iPhone has been officially announced the next thing most people want news on is probably the next generation Apple iPad, the Apple iPad 2 which is also epected to see launch this month according to rumours which we reported previously (here).

However what we have for your viewing consideration today is some video footage of what is perportedly the Apple iPad 2 which comes our way courtesy of Jonny Evans over at 9to5 Mac, however Evans says that this iPad 2 video is fake.

The Apple iPad 2 video originates from the YouTube page of GearZap, who are a maker of accessories and say this is the first video of the Apple iPad 2 “snuck out of CES 2011,” and is based on the Apple iPad 2 Dummies given to accessory makers.

In the video which lasts just 50 seconds we are shown what they say is the Apple iPad 2 and shows that the device has a slimmer profile with angled edges to its aluminium back, sports a large speaker grill and a front facing camera.

So all you need do now it head on down, punch that play button and check out the footage, after which we’d love to know your opinion as to whether you think this Apple iPad 2 video is the genuine article or not…enjoy. Just wish to say thanks to GearZap for the video below.


10 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Captured on Video: Fake or Not?”

  1. I dunno, I'm liking the image, it can be represented as an iPad definitely because its easy to recognise, I'm liking the cameras, but the speakers look ugly :O none the less I think I notice the screen has gotten bigger and taken out most of the black outline that the original iPad had.

    Only thing that needs changing are those darned awful looking speakers :O

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