T-Mobile Fair Usage Data Cap: Existing Customers Not Affected

Yesterday we reported some bad news for new and existing T-Mobile customers about monthly data allowance and its Usage Policy (FUP) and that it will be going from 1GB to 500MB and with Google Android users losing out the most from 3GB to 500MB.

Well today it seems that T-Mobile has made a change in its statement, this is their third statement since the news was put out and it now seems that existing customers will not suffer the monthly mobile data allowance.

T-mobile at first said that this new data allowance cap applied to all new and existing customers, well now it has changed in a new announcement by T-Mobile. The change will happen on February 1 and will only apply to new and upgrading customers.

So if you are an existing customer you need not worry no more, got to give it to T-Mobile because they did send out apologises for any confusion caused.

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Source — 3G.co.uk


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