40 Percent of Apple iPad Owners Own a Kindle

One would have though that if you own an Apple iPad you have no need to own a Kindle, in fact when Apple first launched the Apple iPad it was expected it would be the end of the Kindle, but that hasn’t happened and the iOS device may have even spurred sales of Amazon’s Kindle.

According to an article over on Technobufflo, Amazon sold an estimated 8 million Kindle units in 2011 and during the festive season the Kindle became Amazon’s best selling product.

However when it comes to the Apple iPad you’d think owners would need a Kindle but apparently according to figures from a JP Morgan survey this isn’t the case as 40 percent of Apple iPad users also own a Kindle.

Furthermore 23 percent of Apple iPad owners expect to purchase a Kindle in 2011 although also of note is that 23 percent of iPad owners have no plans to purchase a Kindle. So why do iPad owners need a Kindle?

Well apparently the Apple iPad display is “more conductive” to viewing movies and playing games rather than reading a book, not to say you can’t read books on the iOS device of course, but the Kindle is more reader friendly.

Then apparently there is where you read your book, such as on the train, subway stations, coffee shops and the like all places of high drop page risk, and most would rather drop their $139 Kindle than their $499 Apple iPad.

Having said that, I’m not too sure this holds up, personally I don’t have a Kindle by I do have a Kindle app on my Samsung Galaxy S, which I use quite often.

So the thing I can’t really fathom is why people would purchase a Kindle when you can get a free app for your smartphone anyway including an iOS app. Perhaps it’s all about text size but then the Kindle app does allow the user to make the text bigger.


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