SeamlessWeb Food Takeout App Available for Android

For those Android users who are partial to a bit of takeaway nosh apparently there’s a new app available in the Android Market called SeamlessWeb which enables the user to order takeout food with a few taps of the touch screen.

According to an article over on Mashable by Jolie O’Dell, once a user downloads and installs the SeamlessWeb application to their Android device, the app utilises the handset’s GPS to locate open restaurants that will accept takeout orders along with delivery.

SeamlessWeb for Android features ordering and delivery for takeout meals from thousands of restaurants in 14 cities using you location or favourite, the ability to search, sort and filter your restaurant list, the ability to save credit card information securely.

The new app will also allow the user to add items to their bag as they go add special instructions for any item, re-order previously orders meals, let you know minimum order delivery amounts and approximate waiting times for each restaurant.

When the user goes to the checkout via the app they can leave a tip via the drop down menu, and or use a promo code. Those 14 cities covered by the app include, Manhattan NY, Queens NY, Brooklyn NY, Stamford CT, Greenwich CT, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Hoboken NJ, Jersey City NJ, Philadelphia PA, Houston TX, Los Angeles CA, and San Francisco CA.

The SeamlessWeb app for Android is available on the Android Market as a free download and is also available fore iOS devices from iTunes and for BlackBerry smartphones.

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