Paul Cézanne iOS Apps: The Life of and Clockscapes

Today if you visit Google you will notice the Google Doodle is celebrating Paul Cézanne 172nd birthday, the artist was born 19 January 1839 and died 22 October 1906 at the age of 67.

Paul Cézanne of Aix-en-Provence was a French field painter and Post-Impressionism and his main works included Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier, 1893—94 and 1902—04, well know that you know a little about him we thought we would let you know about two iOS apps for your iPhone.

The first application is called “The life of Paul Cézanne”; this app will allow you to get to know him a little more and offers you a guide through the city of Aix en Provence. The app also features a biography and places of what influenced him, for each place you visit such as schools, apartments, his studio you will find the history, photos by location via Google Maps. For more information about this app please visit iTunes.

The next iOS app is called “Clockscapes Paul Cézanne – Animated Clock Display”, this is a simple app where you can enjoy Paul Cézanne’s works, which allows you to move slowly through a museum. Please get this app via iTunes. Enjoy

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