Sprint Data Plan Price Increase: 3G Users Lose Out

Sprint you little devils you, this one will enrage a few 3G users. Sprint is going to put a price increase on its data plan by $10 a month and will call the new service ‘premium data’.

You got Sprint postpaid rates, so add $10 per month Premium Data to activations of smartphones beginning Jan. 30 and anger many 3G users in the process, not bad going guys.

Just so you know all subscribers with smartphones can still get the best value in wireless that includes Any Mobile Anytime feature offered nationwide only by Sprint (According to the press release being shown via Engadget). We would love to hear from Sprint 3G users if they think the extra charge to its 3G Everything data plans is a bad move?

Basically and in a nutshell all 3G users will get charged the same as HTC EVO 4G and Epic 4G users pay for the Sprint 4G service, not fair really when you look at it like that is it.

Please visit Engadget above for the full Sprint press release and then let us know what you think, we cannot wait to read your comments on this one. Got a feeling this will get heated.


4 thoughts on “Sprint Data Plan Price Increase: 3G Users Lose Out”

  1. liliceman77 says:

    We've been with Sprint for 7 months, they have amazing customer service but that doesn't change the fact that they are greedy. to start wiht without roaming they have the suckiest network ever, they don't have the right to charge anyone anything extra until they fix their crappy network. First they take a way the employee discounts on secondary lines and now this. that roughly overall increases our monthy price by $60. this is bullcrap. i can go to att OR verizon and get data for cheaper than this.

  2. You can go to ATT or Verizon and have a cheaper plan than what you currently have with Sprint?

    That doesn't sound right, even with the $10.00 add on.

    I don't like price hikes like anyone else however for unlimited data, that is really unlimited and won't be capped then I won't have an issue with paying an additional $10.00.

    My plan is still cheaper than anything that Verizon or ATT can offer.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I calculated what my monthly bill would be with Sprint vs my current bill with Verizon. I have the unlimited data and text package w/ my current plan. With the $10 add on, the price with Sprint is $84 vs Verizon at $89 before taxes and fees. With that being said, I do not have unlimited calling & have the lowest minute package available… but I rarely talk on the phone to anyone who doesn't have Verizon, as well… and those mobile to mobile minutes are free. I have 450 minutes outside the network and I rarely use more than 100. The 100 I do use are calls made to my mother on her home phone. I think I will stick with Verizon with only a $5 difference. I never have dropped calls and I've never been anywhere that I didn't have service.

  4. Spencer says:

    Upgrading my BlackBerry, which is the only data plan phone on a three phone family plan, to an EVO will increase my monthly bill by roughly $50 A MONTH!!! The reason for this as explained by numerious account service reps is that I have had a Grandfathered contract for the past 11 years. Thats right, I have been with Sprint for 11 years! The only way I can upgrade is to update my account to the new structured packages. No more renewals of old contracts that reflect what I had been paying on past 'contracts'. Now it will cost me more money to move past the phones I currently have.
    Long story short, if you are an old existing customer they don't care. Everyone must be on the new structured package deals and those are the breaks. I guess we have been getting away with a sweet deal for some time now but the music stops here. . . .
    Thanks a lot………………………..

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