Google Nexus S Users Angry Over Smartphone Problems

Apparently the latest smartphone from the Google guys, namely the Samsung built Android 2.3 Gingerbread toting Nexus S is seeing numerous issues which are causing Nexus S users to become infuriated.

According to an article over on Brighthand by Jacqueline Emigh, the Nexus S is suffering from such problems as continuation of SMS messaging, balkiness during Bluetooth streaming, and forced bootups during voice calling.

Apparently one user has suggested that a recent over-the-air update from Google to Android 2.3.1 GRH78 may be responsible for voice call issues, and posted to Google’s help forum“Since the update I have been experiencing random reboots at least once every two days. It’s driving me nuts. Anyone else having this issue?”

Apparently Google was fast to acknowledge the Nexus S bug that forces bootups during calls and posted…“Hey everyone, Thanks for your many useful reports. We are getting close to tracking down the root cause of the reboots during calls and are currently testing a fix to resolve the issue. I’ll come back to keep you informed once we know more.”

On the Bluetooth streaming issue with the Nexus S apparently an XDA-developers forum member posted…“It seems like I can only get about 10 to 15 minutes streaming audio before the phone becomes completely unresponsive, won’t power on or anything.” To which another user replied…“You should be thankful…I can’t get more then 10 sec without it being cut off and play again…for…10 sec.

And it’s a similar story when it comes to the continued SMS messaging issue with similar posts being made to the Google Code Forum.

However apparently these issues with the Nexus S are of a high priority to Google as they have placed a “medium priority” on the problems, thus it looks like Google will take their time in coming up with any fix for the Nexus S bugs or they may even wait for Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich to make an appearance.

So if you happen to own a Google Nexus S device and have been frustrated by these issue feel free to voice your anger at Google in our comments area below.


14 thoughts on “Google Nexus S Users Angry Over Smartphone Problems”

  1. Jason says:

    I just love the 'Fox News' tone to this article.

    So it has a few issues. I'm still quite happy with my phone overall.

  2. FyouGoogle says:

    Google Nexus S is a shame!!! i am utterly disappointed by the google team! they released a beta phone for the price of a high end fully functional device. the reason for which they did this is to get a piece of the Christmas shopping frenzy! F***ing google and their f***'ing piece of s*** bamboo phone!

    i am so sorry i bought it!

  3. steve d. says:

    I like my nexus s. bought it as my first smartphone, and a bet placed on google's vision and software developing team to overtake apple's… i mean, Steve Jobs is in the hospital for christ sake.

  4. cem says:

    I was way over satisfied at first, so much that i was showing everyone what nexus s does more compared to iphone. But now, after 2 months, i am totally the opposite. God this phone doesn’ t connect to 3G at all. This is probably a hardware issue. As these kind of phones get more complex, the more producers forget about a phones basic functions. Nexus S has lots of coool features okay, but it doesn’ t connect to
    internet how am i supposed to use navigation or google goggles?? I know many other users facing.thw same connectivity problem. We demand an immediate solution! I tried with Vodafone UK and Turkcell Turkey. None of them works.

    1. Ian says:

      I am having trouble getting my Nexus S to connect to the internet, I am in Saudi Arabia, have been into the local phone suppliers for help and all I get is blank looks as they have not seen this phone.
      Any ideas on how I can get it to connect, otherwise most of it is all right, but have not yet received an text that was sent to me 7 days ago.

  5. UnhappyNexusowber says:

    Was happy at first even after paying £420 Sim Free – After 3 weeks I've realised what a lump of plastic crap the Nexus S is! Takes 2-3 minutes to return a search on Google and I get emails from my hotmail a/c a few days after they were sent – also I get blank emails telling me their from the 1/1/70 – Pull you finger out google you worthless wan*ers!!!

  6. ash says:

    yes rebooting during voice calls is really annoying but the most frustrating thing for me is not getting all of the emails on nexus s it seems it only downloads the one it likes and also downloads again and again those which been read and deleted.

  7. Smartypants says:

    Hey now, don't crap down on Google for the Nexus S. Remember that this is a developer phone, you should expect bugs and such things with a phone like this. The good news is that Google most certainly will fix the problems, that's more then you can say about HTC that just told me my Desire Z should have defective keyboard and totally ignore me. I trust in Google, I welcome our new world leaders… All hail Google!

  8. Farookh jishi says:

    I am a furious nexus s user, because of problems with Bluetooth audio streaming in my mini one car. iPhone and iPad work fine, phone functions work fine. unless google fix this quick I am going to dump android forever!!

  9. Rob Kevin says:

    I had purchased Goolge Nexus s but its battery sucks. Whats the fun if you have to shut down or minimize using features to save battery. So eventually I had returned the phone as it was having  2 weeks return policy. Except that phone was fast and responsive. But the main thing was battery that needs to be better.  Good Luck to the Google Nexus s users. 

  10. Mydizz says:

    Mine worked perfectly fine when I had Gingerbread then an update changed this to ice ceam Sandwich I have had nothing but problems since it changed..streaming issues, bad signal, freezing…Grrr

  11. Mitchmaria1 says:

    CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. phone turns on, goes to google at beginning and that,s it. goes no further, can’t even turn it off. can’t hear phone ring or play music, and can’t pick up wifi even when sitting next to modem. wouldn’t give to my worst enemy and i was stupid enough to listen to vodafone salesman that they were the bees knees, so i got 3 of them and still have year to go on contract, nnnnooooooooo….
     never again google… you’ve lost me….

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