Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited Dumped

For the Nokia faithful who enjoy their Ovi Music Unlimited download service it appears that you won’t be able to enjoy that service for much longer as apparently Nokia has decided to dump the service after a slow uptake.

According to an article over on The Guardian, Nokia is to halt the service in 27 countries including the United Kingdom and will end the Ovi Music Unlimited service by the end of the year in all but 6 countries.

Apparently the reason for losing the Music Unlimited service is down to a slow uptake and DRM policies that meant music that was downloaded couldn’t be accessed or shared on differing handsets.

Thus Nokia will only continue to offer their Music Unlimited service as a yearly subscription model in Indonesia, India and Chine while the service will be a 6 month subscription offering in South Africa, Turkey and Brazil.

A Nokia spokesperson has stated…”We are currently working with our partners to deliver new, innovative music services as part of the Ovi experience during 2011.As we focus on delivering these … we have ceased producing Ovi Music Unlimited-edition devices as of the end of 2010.”

However apparently Nokia is looking into alternatives and has stated that the closure of Ovi Music Unlimited formally known as Comes With Music, doesn’t affect the Ovi Music Store which is available in 38 markets.

So does the dumping of Ovi Music Unlimited affect any of our readers and if so are you upset or annoyed at Nokia’s decision? Feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.

Nokia Conversations has an interview video with the global director of Ovi Music Services, who speaks about the changes to Ovi Music Unlimited which can be viewed below.

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