Verizon iPhone Launch: Apple Halts Vacations

Its been years coming and many have waited for the day, and that day draws even closer as Apple prepares to release the iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless and bring the Verizon iPhone to reality.

And the first signs of that happening has now come about as according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Jonathan S. Geller, they have been told that Apple has now begun sending out “ mandatory vacation blackout notices” to their stores.

Obviously the notices ban Apple store employees from taking vacation or take time off during the notice dates, on pain of death or dismissal no doubt, which are apparently from the 5th of Feb through to the 18th of Feb as this is when the Verizon iPhone will launch.

Furthermore, in anticipation of demand buy customers, Apple store will have extended hours during the period to accommodate the expected influx of Verizon iPhone hungry public.

So it would appear that Apple and Verizon are expecting the CDMA iPhone to shift in large quantities. Are any of our readers snapping up the Verizon iPhone as soon as it launches?

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