Android 2.3.2 Nexus S Update Problems: Should I Install?

For some the new Android 2.3.2 update for the Google Nexus S smartphone is now available, it is rolling out gradually so please be patient.

We decided to visit Android Central to see what was happening today and there it was the new update for the Google Nexus S; apparently this new software update is for the SMS bug fix that users have been waiting on.

So we decided to a look a little more into this and decided to visit XDA Developers Forum and see if any problems have occurred, and yes there were a few.

One user decided without thinking to install the new Android 2.3.2 update and when it got to the point of the handset rebooting the users Nexus S froze, they could not find the recovery so removed the phones battery and now is left with 2.3.1 and it is still rooted.

Another XDA forum member asked a good question “will installing this update kill my root?” what do you think? Check the Settings > About > System Updates and see if you have it or here is the download link if you prefer.

Please let us know if you have installed the Android 2.3.2 update on your Google Nexus S smartphone and if you have encountered any problems. Please remember if you install this update you do at your own risk.


9 thoughts on “Android 2.3.2 Nexus S Update Problems: Should I Install?”

  1. Kuty says:

    I updated to the 2.3.2 software just yesteday, but found that my Swype keyboard no longer works. I hope they realise this and come up with a fix for it soon or Swype release an upddate to fix it.

    1. Alex says:

      Hi Kuty, i had the same problem with 2.3.2. Quick visit to the swype forum gave me the solution. Uninstall swype AND the swype installer and re-download both using your beta link. Then it works fine, its not google's update, its just swype's anti copy-the-app-and-put-it-on-torrent measures 🙂

  2. This morning my Nexus s phone was dead. My phone is 2.3.1 and has not received the latest update 2.3.2 yet. I tried to push the power button to turn it on but nothing. I had to remove the battery to make it work. After it was on I received a text message from a friend questioning a text he received from me a minute ago. I called him to find out about the text in question. The problem is that I never text the specific message to him or any other person. Is the phone texts random fake messages to my friends? what is going on?

  3. I got the update notification but did not install immediately as my battery was low and I was not able to charge it for a while. So I deferred the update but when I plugged in later, installed it and rebooted, the system was still on 2.3.1 and has been ever since. I am not getting any new notifications even when I use the *#*#checkin#*#* hack to force a check for available updates. I guess I will give up and go for a custom ROM anyway to get root…

  4. yellow12 says:

    I upgraded to 2.3.2 and the phone started resetting in the middle of a conversation. this is happenning constantly, it didn't happen with 2.3.1.

  5. Ismael says:

    I did the update also without thinking much about it. I never really encountered much except the reboot while in a convo. but its not a big deal. But what has been bothering me now is every now and then my phone freezes and becomes unresponsive. I've taken the battery out and tried turning it on but at times it would get suck at the Google logo. Any help to fix it would be greatly appreciated!

  6. lbc says:

    This bothers me. Am not sure I understand the advice given in previous comments well enough to risk the update. Presumably I can just NOT download it? But how will I ever know when it’s safe to accept updates?

  7. MohdThe3rd says:

    I tried to install it but when it rebooted a “!” Sign inside a triangle came on the screen and when I clicked a button the recovery mode was on and it was written that the installation was aborted bcuz of a failure in the update and I rebooted using the recovery mode and now I’m still on 2.3.1 and it tells me that I’m up to date when I try to update again!

    What’s the problem?

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