Would you Pay Motorola Xoom Tablet Price or Get iPad 2?

Two new tablet PC devices are out in the open even though one of them is not official as of yet, yes we are talking about the new Motorola Xoom and the Apple iPad 2. Check out our poll below this article.

Earlier on today we announced the new Motorola Xoom tablet price of $799.99 thanks to Android Central, the question is “Would you pay the Motorola Xoom tablet price or will you buy the new upcoming iPad 2?”

If you visit our previous article you can see the iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom: 2 Big Tablet Releases for 2011, this compares the two devices.

The Motorola Xoom will be upgradeable to 4G LTE at a later date, which makes this a very good choice if you want to buy a tablet but we can see the price being a problem for most consumers. On the other hand the new upcoming Apple iPad 2 will be of similar price to the current model and that is where we can see customers favouring.

The Motorola Xoom will be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of DDR2 RAM whereas the iPad 2 will be powered by dual-core PowerVR SGX543 processor (Apparently, this has to be confirmed). The Xoom has a 10.1-inch, multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels; the iPad will have a possible 9.7-inches.

Please click the link above for the full comparison, the main question once again “Would you pay the Motorola Xoom tablet price or will you buy the new upcoming iPad 2?” Please vote below using our poll system.

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16 thoughts on “Would you Pay Motorola Xoom Tablet Price or Get iPad 2?”

  1. Elvis says:

    The xoom's thin or no margins, and long wait times for OS updates will lead to its early demine. I'm getting an iPad2 when it's released. if you can't convince yourself to buy an iPad, at least buy a device made by an american manufacturer.

    1. SuckitTrebek says:

      Really, buy from an american manufacturer? Apple doesn't make anything in the country. It all comes from China, but it's engineered in the US; the Xoom & Ipad alike.

  2. Sterding Popcock says:

    If/when I do get a tablet, it WILL NOT be with a contract with an evil phone company (which is the only kind there is). That would be tantamount to a vote against network neutrality. I would probably end up getting a WiFi-only version so that I won't be chained to a company that is trying to stifle competition and rid us of a free, open Internet.

    1. HAHA says:

      Good luck finding volunteers to build and invest in your free and open internet. Its called a service. You pay for service or do it yourself. That wifi that you are bumming off of…someone is paying for that service too. Internet service (especially wireless) doesn't just appear out of nowhere.

      Let me know when you start a company or business and provide free service. I will be sure to sign up. although if it was even close to free, it would probably suck.

  3. java says:

    I want the zoom Android is doing a good job but they need more apps they should redo the ones on itunes also revamp the app market make it more open and have a tablet market my main problem is that I’m never able to play my itunes purchase on other devices someone help me with that if theirs an app plz

  4. Everything will become obsolete, its inevitable. Your Atix 4G will defiantly be outdated by Christmas for sure, it happens. I remember when the Galaxy S was touted as the best around this time last year, and now anything without dual core is laughed at. So enjoy your phone while it lasts and don't let evolution put you off 🙂

  5. Philip says:

    I like the Android OS much then Apple, Apple 1st generation product is modern with new idea but not convenience to end user e.g. NO USB design, difficult to hold the iPad

  6. Alfred says:

    I think also that Montorola should reduce the price to increase the sales of the Xoon, this is the only thing which is keeping me on the fence,

  7. Chad says:

    Im more of a chess player and will grab the big boy gear (Xoom). Ipad is mad with the assumption that consumers are retarded. For the most part consumers are proving them right.

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