Apple iPad Apps: SG Project Pro Release In February

There’s a new flagship for Simple Genius Apps, which is an industry leading projects management app suite for the Apple iPad from FourthFrame Technologies called SG Project Pro due to be released to the Apple App Store.

The SG Projects Pro app for iPad builds on the momentum of Simple Genius by integrating the best features in the suit whilst brings new capabilities which are not available in any other projects management app.

The new SG Projects Pro iOS app delivers action item management, risk management, project task scheduling, customised reporting and views of portfolios of projects set a cost for each task, view costs to date, cost to go and total cost, export or email project data in XML format, and more.

The president of Simple Genius Apps at FourthFrame, Ty Jacobs says…“Feedback from hundreds of customers was factored into the design for SG Project Pro. We are confident that we have a very strong offering here, and validated that by engaging a key set of customers from several countries very early in the process, and executing eight cycles of pre-release testing allowing them to help shape the final product.”

SG Project Pro will be announced during Macworld 2011 in San Francisco and will be available to download to your Apple iPad running iOS 3.2 or above in February at a cost of US$39.99.

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