Apps For Android: New ShopSavvy 4 Released Today

For all you shoppers out there that own an Android smartphone and love to scan products, a new version of the original barcode scanner on Android, ShopSavvy has been released to the Android Market and is called ShopSavvy 4.

According to an article over on Phandroid, this latest version of ShopSavvy for Android delivers several changed to the Android application including a new main interface, which actually resembles the Android Market.

ShopSavvy 4 for Android also has a live “scans happening now” feature, which shows the user what other users of the application are scanning. There’s also a new “Live Deals” stream, which delivers deals that other users have found.

Furthermore new partners such as Groupon deliver even more savings whilst you shop. With ShopSavvy 4 the user can now specify their postal code for local search, and disable recent scans.

On searching the Android market with my Samsung Galaxy S I have found that the ShopSavvy 4 app is available right now as a free download, but one of the reviews says UK pricing isn’t included yet.

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