Angry Birds Rio Releasing March: Trailer Video

For all you Angry Birds fanatics out there on iOS, Symbian and Android, get ready for a new adventure with those pesky bad tempered feathered heroes as a new Angry Birds game is set to be released in March to all supported smartphone and tablet platforms.

The latest game called Angry Birds Rio, this time from Rovio in conjunction with 20th Century Fox will release sporting 45 dedicated levels that are based around the new movie Rio, which is released to theatres everywhere on the 15th of April.

And of course for the Angry Birds dedicated fan we have a trailer of Angry Birds Rio for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of RovioMobile.

Once Angry Birds Rio the game is released it game will receive regular updates in future and will become available to download to tablets and smartphones across the globe.

Not too sure whether Angry Birds fans will actually be battling the greedy green pigs in Angry Birds Rio as they were nowhere in sight in the trailer, so perhaps they have a new enemy to battle…enjoy.

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