iPhone 5 NFC Plans Discussed: Video

You may or may not be aware that Apple is rumoured to be looking at Near Field Communication known as NFC for their future tech gear meaning future iPhone users will be able to pay via iPhone for goods and services, presumable once the iPhone 5 launches.

And the other day Jon Rettinger of Technobuffalo spoke with CNBC about the iPhone 5 and NFC and we have that interview for your viewing pleasure below. Apparently there’s quite a bit of evidence that Apple is very interested in NFC with Apple apparently purchasing NFC related equipment, and hiring an NFC expert, and of course filing several patents for NFC.

Jon says that although Apple isn’t the first into the NFC game they do have the edge due to market penetration, and that its almost a sure thing that smartphones are going to change the way we use our wallets in the near future.

So rather than me go on about it all just jump on down and hit that play button to check out the video, and feel free to let us know if you agree that NFC is the way forward, would you be prepared to swap your credit card for mobile payment via the iPhone 5? Or do you think NFC is just a flash in the pan that will never really take off?


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  1. Dee777 says:

    The NFC new technology has its flaws too. Although NFC can be used to configure Bluetooth like technologies, it is not faster enough to set up like Bluetooth low energy but sets up faster than standard Bluetooth. Present NFC technology data transfer rate is much slower than standard Bluetooth, where the data transfer rate of NFC stands at 424 kbit/s which is much slower than Bluetooth V 2.1 which stands at 2.1 Mbit/s. NFC generally requires low power similar to Bluetooth V 4.0 Low Energy protocol but NFC power consumption is greater than Bluetooth V 4.0 Low Energy with an unpowered device. Also the new technology introduced in the device may be vulnerable for eavesdropping, data modification, relay attack and when the mobile is lost.

    Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG): "Rollpay A New Way to Pay"

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